Enunciating the End: Colloquium Program

Thursday, March 1

Registration/Meet and Greet—6:30pm

Graduate Lounge – LB 681


Evening Reception—8:00pm

Irish Embassy Pub and Grill – 1234 Rue Bishop


Friday, March 2

Registration and Breakfast                                                                                                                                   


Graduate Lounge – LB 681


All panels held in Room LB 646


Panel 1—9:30-10:45am

Apocalypse City: Building the discourse of 19th century urban and domestic landscapes

Chair: Zara Ahmed

Adrian Versteegh (NYU)

Revelation without Hope: Apocalyptic Temporality and Topography in James Thomson’s City of Dreadful Night

James Baltrum (Northern Illinois)

New York Domesti-City: Rethinking Gender Roles and the Home as Industrial Space

Lise Gaston (Concordia)

Natural and Unnatural Endings in Matineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy


Panel 2—11:00-12:15pm                                   

Alternative Revelations: Ephemeral re-framings of hetero-normative histories

Chair: Michael Belcher

Kirsten Shute (Brock)

Aftershocks of Surrealism:Leonora Carrington’s Hearing Trumpet as Apocalyptic Collage

Jessi MacEachern (Independent)

Framed Excursus: Some Parts Larger and Some Parts Smaller

Fazeela Jiwa (Concordia)

Strategic Interventions: Fictocriticism as Feminist Writing Beyond Autoethnography


Catered Lunch—12:15-1:00pm                                                                                                                                                               

Faculty Lounge – LB 671.05


Panel 3—1:00-2:15pm

Topaic Tropes: Mobilizing the language of liminality

Chair: Shannon Tien

Lauren Davine (Ryerson)

Teenage Dystopia: Apocalypse and Fantasy in Donnie Darko and Daydream Nation

Simon Orpana (McMaster)

The Zombie Imaginary: Risk Management, Neoliberalism and Utopia in The Walking Dead and Disaster Discourse

Andrew Wenaus (Western)

The Twilight of Information Illiteracy: Kenji Siratori’s Blood Electric and Asemic Cyberpunk


Panel 4—2:30-3:45pm

Signs of Ends to Come: Rethinking the post-apocalyptic narrative

Chair: Sarah Livesey

Virginia Konchan (UIC)

What Apocalypse: End-Time Narratives and the Structure of the Sign

Dock Currie (Western)

Liquid Materiality: Water and Apocalypse in Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle

Chanda Phelan (Ohio State)

Transforming the End


Keynote Address—4:15-5:30pm – H 435                                                                                                                                  

Chair: Dr. Jonathan Sachs

Dr. Christopher Keep (Western)

H.G. Wells and the End of the Body


Wine and Cheese Reception—5:30-7:30pm

GSA Lounge – 2030 Rue Mackay


Saturday, March 3

Registration and Breakfast—9:00-10:00am

Graduate Lounge – LB 681


All Saturday panels held in Room LB 646


Panel 5—10:00-11:30am

Immaterial Book Ends: Transformative media and the future of print

Chair: Lise Gaston

Aaron Donachuk (Toronto)

Fate or Fantasy?: Re-Reading “The End of Books”

Jeff Miller (Concordia)

“Printed in Canada on Canadian Paper by mindless acid freaks”: Rochdale College, Coach House Press, and the Early 1970s Utopianism of The Canada Whole Earth Almanac

Shannon Tien (Concordia)

Residual Platforms: The Role of Paper in Contemporary News Culture

Alex Christie (Loyola)

Humanities at the End: Apocalypse and the Digital Archive


Panel 6—11:45-1:00pm

Re-playing the End Game: Reconstructing the future through ruptures in the past

Chair: Fazeela Jiwa

Matthew Fledderjohann (DePaul)

Countering Counter-Apocalypse with Post-Apocalypse: Reconciling Endgame’s End

David B. Huebert (Independent)

Trying Not to Understand Endgame: Art and the Holocaust in Adorno’s Reading of Beckett

Dragos Moraru (Laval)

Histopias: “Ruptures” and Time’s Boomerang in Julian Barnes’s A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas


Catered Lunch—1:00-2:00pm

Faculty Lounge – LB 671.05


Panel 7—2:00-3:15pm

Drawing Out the End: Postmodern Representations of Violence

Chair: Kathryn Pobjoy

Mark Diachyshyn (Dalhousie)

“Amongst Horrors Must I Dwell”: Tales of the Black Freighter, Eschatological Reverberations and the Structure of Moore and Gibbons’ Watchmen

Whitney Porter (Macaulay at CUNY Baruch)

The (Postmodern) World’s Not Black and White: the Downfall of Retributive Justice in V for Vendetta

Anna Peppard (York)

Loosing Bets: Marvel Comics’ Deadpool and Impossible Dream of Death


Roundtable—3:45-5:00pm – H 407

Chair: Dr. Brooke Cameron

Comparative Apocalypses: A Discussion with Drs. Marcus Boon (Cornell), Michael Van Dussen (McGill), and Lorenzo DiTommaso (Concordia)


Sixth Annual Year-End Graduate Reading—8:00pm

Café l’Artère – 7000 Avenue du Parc (Parc Metro)

Readings by Concordia Creative Writing Graduate Students

Hosted by Jon Paul Fiorentino


Hello all! AGIC Concordia is planning an excellent and conference on a similar theme (strange coincidence, no?). Feel free to check them out too! 


Once upon a time, writers were like gods, and lived in the mountains. They were either destitute hermits or aristocratic lunatics, and they wrote only to communicate with the already dead or the unborn, or for no one at all. They had never heard of the marketplace, they were arcane and antisocial. Though they might have lamented their lives—which were marked by solitude and sadness—they lived and breathed in the sacred realm of Literature. They wrote Drama and Poetry and Philosophy and Tragedy, and each form was more devastating than the last. Their books, when they wrote them, reached their audience posthumously and by the most tortuous of routes. Their thoughts and stories were terrible to look upon, like the bones of animals that had ceased to exist…